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Is your legacy system holding your business back from success? Maintaining data security and integrity in a legacy system is a time-consuming and costly process. And legacy systems simply cannot keep up with the wild pace of innovation and growth. But if legacy systems present so many challenges and roadblocks to success, why are they still in use today?
Legacy systems are still used by some businesses because they fear a change in technology will cost them revenue and disrupt day-to-day operations. Many businesses also worry about security or budget concerns, or they may stick with a legacy system because it’s what they know and has grown comfortable with. But what they don’t realize is that their current technology is limiting their potential for growth and hindering productivity.

Keep Pace with Competitors

If you don’t move to the cloud, you put your business and future success at risk and miss out on valuable opportunities. More and more businesses are migrating to the cloud to cut IT costs and improve operational efficiency. In order to keep up with or even gain a leg up on your competition, your business needs to adopt a cloud-based solution designed to help you grow your business successfully.

Deploy Technology Faster

The cloud takes all of the benefits of an on-premises solution and multiples them a hundredfold. When you adopt a cloud-based solution, you gain the ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. Adding new applications, users and systems has never been easier and no longer requires configuring and installing new hardware and servers.

Safeguard Your Small Business’s Data

The cloud levels the playing field for small and mid-size businesses. Many small businesses face the daily challenge of ensuring critical data is secure and easily recoverable. These businesses may lack the resources, budget or expertise to effectively manage this vital task. Our suite of cloud services eliminates barriers to data security. We offer cloud IT services for small businesses and companies of all sizes to ensure your data is available when you need it most.

Data Protection

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Our next-generation data protection can protect your entire enterprise, while adhering to necessary regulations and requirements that are unique to your environment.

Alerting & Monitoring

Our inclusive alerting and monitoring portfolio keeps your staff aware of the health, performance, and functionality of your environment so problems can be prevented from occurring in the first place. Leverage our self-healing, automated infrastructure to focus on what matters most – the business.

Hosted Infrastructure

Hosted infrastructure solutions give businesses the ability to scale up or down as needed, while creating efficiencies that support future growth initiatives and eliminate the high costs associated with upgrading and maintaining on-premises servers and hardware.

Managed Services

Managing networks can be a real bottleneck in an organization. Free up your resources and let our network experts provide comprehensive network management, architecture, planning and monitoring. With SD WAN technology, we can help increase application performance and use existing bandwidth more efficiently while paving the way to a more secure, resilient network framework.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is about quickly restoring your critical business services when you need them most. Utilizing award-winning technologies, our customized disaster recovery solutions protect critical data so businesses can maintain productivity around the clock.

Office 365

We offer uninterrupted access to emails, contacts, calendars and all business essentials anytime, anywhere and on any device. Migrating to Office 365 can generate substantial risk for businesses and our experts can help you make the transition to Office 365 seamless and headache-free.

IT Help Desk

Get IT services and always-on support that transform the way you help your customers and your team. Advanced help desk services and a centralized command system offer a complete view of ticket statuses and solutions. Avoid paying for disparate tools that add confusion to what should be a well-oiled machine and start creating better customer experiences.

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